Overview of SLA Benefits:
– 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
– Response Time Guarantee: within 1 hour
– 24/7 Network Monitoring
– Prompt Replacement of Faulty Hardware


1.1 Service Level Agreement (SLA): The commitment between Telemagic B.V. and its clients.
1.2 Agreement: Written, emailed, or orally confirmed arrangements that facilitate the delivery of services from Telemagic to its clients.
1.3 Services: Detailed offerings available through Telemagic, IaaS and Dedicated Servers.
1.4 Maintenance: Routine and emergency maintenance activities within Telemagic’s infrastructure.
1.5 Customer(s): Legal entities or individuals engaged in services with Telemagic.
1.6 Network: The physical and software-based components that provide internet connectivity in Telemagic’s facilities.
1.7 Telemagic: The entity providing the services, based in Utrecht and registered under Dutch commercial regulations.
1.8 Server Spaces: Designated areas in Telemagic’s facilities where services are provided.
1.9 Average Repair Time: The average duration needed to address and resolve customer issues.
1.10 Working Days: Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM CET/CEST, excluding Dutch public holidays.
1.11 Response Time: The interval from issue reporting to the commencement of remedial action by Telemagic.
1.12 DDoS Attack: Disruptive traffic overflow caused by multiple external machines targeting a single system.

Service Availability and Uptime Commitment:

– Services are operational 24/7.
– We guarantee 100% availability of our network and power systems, excluding scheduled maintenance and uncontrollable external factors.

Discounts for Non-Compliance:

– If network uptime falls below 100%, discounts apply to monthly service fees for IaaS and Dedicated Servers, calculated as follows within office hours:
– 100% Uptime: No discount.
– 99.90%: 10% discount.
– 99.80%: 20% discount.
– 99.70%: 30% discount.
– 99.60%: 40% discount.
– 99.50%: 50% discount.
– 99.40%: 60% discount.
– 99.30%: 70% discount.
– 99.20%: 80% discount.
– 99.10%: 90% discount.
– Below 99.00%: Full monthly payment refunded.
– Discounts are applicable upon ticket submission within five working days of the issue.

Scheduled Maintenance:

– Regular maintenance is planned for Tuesday nights from 23:00 to 06:00 CET/CEST.
– Urgent maintenance updates will be pre-announced by email.

Response Times:

– Managed Servers: 1-hour response time.
– Unmanaged Servers: 8-hour response time.


– Managed Servers are monitored around the clock using automated systems that alert customers to significant changes.


– Managed Server plans include 100GB of default backup capacity, pre-configured for optimal protection.

Customer Support:

– Our support team is available via email, chat, and phone to assist with any inquiries or issues you may encounter.

This SLA outlines our commitment to providing reliable and efficient service, ensuring that Telemagic remaremains a trusted and valued service provider.