Welcome to the “Backup&Recovery” page. We understand the importance of ensuring the security and availability of your data, and we provide you with advanced backup and recovery solutions that will help you maintain the integrity and accessibility of your information.
In a world where data plays a key role, reliable backup is a necessity. Our backup services provide complete protection for your information, regardless of its size or complexity. We understand that data loss can be devastating, and we guarantee that your data is always safe.
Veeam Backup & Replication is one of the leading solutions in the field of data backup and recovery. This product is the choice of many organizations striving to ensure a high level of availability for their systems and data. Its comprehensive approach to backup and recovery makes it a valuable tool in data management and IT infrastructure strategy.

Key Advantages


Reliability and High Availability

Customers can rely on the high reliability and availability of data backup. Your infrastructure ensures data protection against loss and maintains data availability in case of emergencies.

Automation and Efficiency

Your solutions automate backup processes, reducing the need for manual operations and decreasing the risk of human error. This enhances operational efficiency and reduces the burden on technical staff.

Recovery Flexibility

Customers can easily restore data at different levels — from individual files to entire systems. This allows minimizing data loss and reduces downtime for business processes in case of failures.

Security and Encryption

Our solutions provide a high level of data security. Encryption and multi-layered data protection ensure confidentiality and integrity.

Monitoring and Management

Customers have access to monitoring and management tools for backup processes. This allows them to track the status of their data in real time and manage resources.

Cloud Integration

Our backup solutions are integrated with your Private Cloud. This ensures data consistency between the cloud and backups, simplifying data recovery in the cloud.

Protect Your Data Today

Don’t leave your important data to chance. Our backup solutions will ensure the security of your data and the peace of mind of your company. Contact our team to start protecting your data today.