Welcome to the “Network Resources” page of the Private Cloud. We provide powerful tools for creating and managing your business’s network infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your core corporate competencies and achieve greater flexibility and productivity.

What are Network Resources?

Network resources are a critical part of your cloud infrastructure. These resources enable you to establish connections, routes, firewalls, and other network components necessary for the uninterrupted operation of your applications and services. They also ensure data security and traffic control. Network resources based on VMware NSX in the private cloud allow customers to configure, manage, and scale their network environments according to their business needs, ensuring flexibility, security, and high availability of applications and data.

Private Cloud Network Resources:


Virtual Networks

Creation and management of virtual networks that can be isolated from each other and configured according to customer requirements. Virtual networks allow grouping of virtual machines and resources for logical coherence.

IP Addressing

Assignment of private and public IP addresses to virtual machines and resources, ensuring their network accessibility and data exchange.


Management of traffic routing between virtual networks and enterprise networks. This allows for the routing of traffic between different network segments and even between different clouds.

Firewall and Security

Ensuring the security of data and applications by configuring firewalls, access rules, and monitoring network activity.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Providing the capability to create secure VPN connections for remote access and connectivity between different locations.

Monitoring and Logging

Tools for tracking and monitoring network activity, as well as logging events of the network infrastructure.