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Telemagic B.V. is a telecom service provider who was founded in 2000 and is being successfully introduced into the field of high-tech telecom services for business. Regular customers of the company are the one that experience a strong need in telecom innovations and thereby always get the best value. One of the main challenges of the company is a virtualization of the basic telecom services: virtual telephone numbers, automated call transferring, interactive voice response (IVR), virtual fax, conversation recording and more. Customers of Telemagic always have an opportunity to independently manage their services at the vpersonal dashboard. Such approach to a classical way of thinking of the office environment, sets new standards in the business world. The team of the company is always at the peak of the creative thinking when dealing with telecom engineering.

Company history

Founded in the year 2000, Telemagic B.V. was initially a leased lines and colocation service provider for organizations in Russian Federation. Such limitation was due to management of the company, located in Russia. In 2004, the company was engaged in the development of innovational solutions in telecom industry (VoIP). In 2006 a subsidiary company "Telediscount ZAO" was established in Russian Federation.

Today, it's being successfully developed and operated on the Russian telecom market (www.telediscount.ru). In 2008, Telemagic B.V. initiated the development of a cloud PBX solution (Virtual PBX). To the moment, this solution has been successfully implemented and used in Russia. The company has a stable income and a significant client base.

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